Who We Are

Our Approach

At Moose Marketing Solutions we pride ourselves on being approachable, practical, and customer service oriented.  We are a small business so we know how important it is to cut the bull and get to the real point – making a profit!  You are a business owner, your time is best spent on your business and allowing us the privilege of helping you grow your business.

Our Story

Starting a new business is hard. It takes time, money, and patience. And that is BEFORE you open your doors or “go live” with your website. You have everything in place, you are ready for business, and you wait for that rush of customers, and… “If you build it they will come”, right? WRONG! I found this out the hard way. There is this one little piece called “marketing” that becomes a huge piece as time goes on. With a local business, there can be the excitement of a new restaurant or a new store, but that only carries you for a time, then the next “new” thing opens up and there goes all of your momentum. The fickle public is on to the next “new kid in town”. With an online business, there is the issue of driving traffic to you or your store and building your brand amongst the thousands of other identical sellers or providers on the internet.

I found this out the hard way! I opened an online store last fall with promises of help from the platform that I was with. Long story short, they did not provide the services they said they would. So, there I was stuck in a 2-year contract with a monthly fee and $0 in sales. I was forced to learn marketing. After learning the marketing part, I decided that I could make the best use of my new found knowledge by helping other businesses by partnering with them and helping them succeed.

Our Team

I work with a group of individuals who are well skilled and current in their individual areas of expertise. Years ago a mentor of mine shared some very good advice with me as I was entering management, the best way to become successful is to surround yourself with successful people and you do not need to be an expert in everything, but you need to know enough to recognize when you have found an expert and employ them to do what they do best while you do what you do best.