Recently the EU activated their GDPR law, meant to protect the personal data of EU citizens. Any business whose website is visited by EU citizens is now potentially exposed to thousands of dollars in fines.

The threat is real, even if you don’t service EU customers and collect their payment information. Any information collected on EU visitors must be tracked, accessible, and you must have the ability to delete it upon request.

If you can’t delete it, the EU may seek fines, and it is being argued that a violation carries force of law in the United States and other non-EU nations.

Don’t put yourself at risk, and don’t roll the dice. You need to protect your business investments from liability, and compliance is not as difficult or as costly as you think.

It is important to protect your business from this very real threat, and compliance is straight-forward, inexpensive, and quickly done.

Please print the form at the bottom of this page, drop me a line at, or call me at 402-202-4573  to schedule a meeting and I will be happy to review it with you & answer any questions that you may have.

If you need someone to implement these compliance steps for you to save you some time I provide affordable small business solutions that will quickly bring you into compliance for a tiny fraction of your attorney fees should the EU decide to fine your business.

Don’t wait – the law went into effect in May 2018.