Marketing for Loan Officers

How long have you been in the real estate industry? Whether you are a 25-year veteran or a complete newcomer to the industry it is important that you know how to market properly.

Mortgage marketing is proper branding in all that you do. Do you have a catchy slogan? Is your company logo recognizable and unique? All of your marketing efforts should have your Company Logo along with your personal slogan, defining you and only you. This becomes your personal branding. Having a strong branding is going to make you stand out from your competitors, inside your company and out.

Demographic focus can shape your motto or slogan and advertisements.  Millennial buyers will be interested in working with a company that offers excellent technological capabilities. Listen to your millennial-aged family and friends to get your message out on relevant social media sites and entertainment venues. Find out what websites and resources they are recommended by college professors to their students. These students are the ones entering your workforce community, the very community that will be soon or are currently seeking housing.

Mortgage marketing is getting yourself out there for people to see you. It means you need to be a very active part of the Internet world. You should be blogging, interacting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Social media is huge! Be an active part of it. Find yourself too busy to keep up with all of it? Get somebody to help you out. There are a ton of social media users out there that can send your business into the success zone!

Studies show that over 90% of consumers start their search for a business online. An online presence has never been more important. Social Media is one part of the equation for your online presence. You also need to be found in an online search of mortgage lenders. Generally, this includes tools like Local SEO and Google Reviews.

Mortgage marketing is keeping up with all of your prospects. Have a great lead capture system and keep it going. Gamified Lead Domination is the best lead capture system we have to offer – check it out today by going here.