Gamified Lead Domination

What our system does is generate exclusive leads for you from people who are looking to buy or refinance a home.

We developed a cutting-edge system that uses Gamification to increase your conversions and get more clients. This is the exact same system that Quicken Loans uses to fund billions in loans every month!

Gamified Lead Generation Pages are simply lead generation pages that dramatically increase conversions of high-quality leads. Because they are easy to fill out.

This allows you to fund more loans every month too! Does this sound like the type of situation that interests you?

You may have some questions.


What the heck is gamification?

At its core, gamification applies game mechanics to non-game activities to prompt specific behaviors. In a business context, gamification is the process of integrating game mechanics and dynamics into a website, business service, online community, content portal or marketing campaign, in order to drive participation and engagement.

How do they work?

Our design team provides you with beautiful, easy to edit templates, designed to maximize engagement and conversions.

You decide the questions to ask to pre-qualify your leads. The future customer completes the short form. You get an e-mail with the lead and follow up with them to complete the application process. (I also have an option that includes a book that you can offer to your prospective customers)

Do they work for mortgage leads?

Billions In Mortgages START With Gamified Lead Pages!


These are the type of lead page you land on after clicking on PAID ADS from these companies. 

Why would they all pay to generate traffic to the same type of gamified lead page technology?  

Because Gamified Lead Pages easily deliver more, higher-quality leads daily than any other lead pages they’ve used!


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