Listings Domination

Write more loans with our Mortgage Marketing Solution – Listings Domination – a unique property co-marketing solution for individual Loan Officers or lending companies, based on the Single Property Website platform.

Give your REALTORS access to a complete real estate marketing solution for marketing their listings using the latest marketing systems including Listing Domination.

Partner with Title Agents, Insurance Agents, Realtors, or FSBO’s.

You will automatically be co-marketing every property – and capturing financing leads.

It’s very easy to use, and highly automated, while keeping you firmly in control of your policy and compliance needs.

Automated import and sync services ensure property status and price is always up to date!

For Loan Officers:

  • Work with as many Agents and FSBO’s as you need. Plans start at $49 per month (3 websites). Split the cost with your realtor!

For Your Team:

  • Multi-user solution for your whole team keeping you in control of your policy and compliance needs.

  • Personal access for all your LO’s

  • LO’s can work with unlimited Agents and FSBO’s

  • Start with up to 5 LO’s for $250 – add more seats @ $50/mo/LO (10 websites per seat)

Create a predictable and affordable marketing program to generate quality leads.

  • Place your advertising banners that link to your lead generation pages, on unlimited highly targeted property websites

  • Get your marketing message in front of more potential home buyers

  • Capture more financing leads with direct exposure to the Buyers market

Listings Domination

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