Search Engine Optimization

Having a website without a plan for how to attract visitors is like placing a billboard ad in the desert.  

If you’re not on the first page of a Google search, do you really exist?  Search engines are key to driving traffic to your website.  These are qualified visitors who are actively searching for your type of business right now.  In marketing terms, leads don’t get much better than that. 

Consider the stats:

  • 93% of users don’t go past the first 2 pages of search results.

  • 68% of people click on results on the first page. 

  • 60% of users click on a natural result in preference to a paid result.

  • 37% of online users associate appearance at the top of the search results with a company’s leadership in its industry.

A search engine feeds visitors to your site, breathing life into it.  

Most likely, your competitors have not found themselves on the first page of Google by accident.  They've invested time, effort and money to get there.  There's no such thing as accidental overnight success in the internet world.

So, how do you get search engines to drive visitors to your website?

Search Engine Marketing.

There are two parts to Search Engine Marketing. 

  1. Getting your site found in the 'organic' results, in the main section of Google (or other search engines).  This is where 70-80% of people click to find websites.  

  2. Being found in the 'sponsored links' or paid advertising part of the search engine is the 2nd part.  This is a great way to get instant results.  The beauty is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, not every time its shown.  That's why its called Pay Per Click (PPC).