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Make The Most of Your Facebook Business Page.

Facebook is fast becoming one of the top ways to find local businesses for users. More and more people are using Facebook to find the things they want. They search for things like restaurants, coffee shops, clothing, and other retail; plus entertainment venues like nightclubs, bars, parties, and speakeasies.

Nearby Places is a directory of places in a specific area like a town or a city. Listings in this directory show up when a Facebook user uses the FB application to search nearby for businesses.

You will love our Facebook Local because it opens a new way for you to get fresh customers in the door, visiting your website, and buying products and services from you. It is a way to tap into a massive audience of Facebook users looking for things that you sell right in their neighborhood. You can tap into this audience when you have the right combination of Facebook’s digital marketing tools set up correctly.

You may already have some of the things that you need, so with just a few minor changes, you will see the benefits of being listed and optimized.


Place Tips are a notification that occurs in the Facebook user’s news feed when they are in a location where the feature is enabled, and there is some relationship between the user’s likes, and a friend’s like or recommendation.

These tips are generated on the user’s phone when the user crosses into an area tagged using the GPS and Cellular location of their device. When the user enters the area, a Place Tip Card is displayed, giving the user quick facts about the location such as business, photos, contact info, and location nearby. Included will be any photos or posts tagged for that place. If your business has a Facebook page in good standing, the card might show recent posts, images, reviews, events, and offers from your page.

Imagine, a potential customer walks by your store and gets a notification about the deals at your store, plus all the social proof telling the consumer that you offer things they like, want or need. It’s almost like shooting fish in a barrel.


A check-in on Facebook is a method for friends to announce that they’ve arrived at a particular location. The check-in has the effect of creating a story-line on your account so you and your friends can see where you have been, and any comments that were posted at the time. Typically, this in the form of some praise or review of the business.

The positive effect this has on social proof and reviews cannot be overstated. When a customer checks into your business, their friends see the check-in, and your business is tagged with related interests. This means if they ever express some interest in your type of business, you will potentially be served to them during a search or when they are in the vicinity. You will even be placed on a map when they are browsing the nearby places map feature in the application. This Check-In feature is a big contributor to organic Facebook page growth, positive reviews, and growth of your local reach. These and other reasons are critical to your social media presence and will see more new and repeat customers coming through your door.

Ensuring pages are updated, additional content is introduced, and your “near me” profile of Facebook features is completed are critical to the success of this strategy.


Another impactful component is Facebook Offers. These are highly targeted, visual ads with special promotional offers presented to users in the app or on the desktop version. These ads show up in a news feed so they are a bit different from the traditional sidebar advertisements people tend to ignore

Putting these Facebook components into play creates a high-impact, low-cost alternative to traditional advertising because it delivers finely targeted offers directly to the most relevant audience in a location.

This generates new audiences, repeat business, and positive reviews & social proof among family, friends, and other local users on the Facebook platform. It allows you to sell more products and services directly to the people who are most likely to buy.


  • Claim Your Business Listing

  • Set Up Your Business Page

  • Remove Any Rogue Pages and Merge Any Duplicate Pages

  • Enable Place Tips For Your Business

  • Enable Check-ins On Your Business Page

  •  Provide In-store Flyers Encouraging Check-ins and Reviews

  • Provide Promotional Ideas To Increase Check-ins and Reviews

  • Provide Daily Posts on Facebook and Two Other Social Media Sites (Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or Pinterest)

  • Run One Set of Ads on Facebook, 3 Ads In A Set, Up To $300 For Ad Spend

  • Ads Can Be For Website Traffic, Increased Page Likes, or A Contest

  • Deliver Ads To A Micro-targeted Audience

  • Determine Best Content For Ads For Particular Product/Service

  • Weekly Social Network Report

  • Monthly Analytic Report


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